We always try to be available and flexible. At the customer’s request, office furniture can be assembled at non-standard hours, so your company’s budget will not suffer any losses. Installation of office furniture is performed by specialists who deal with similar activities almost every day. Thanks to this, the work proceeds correctly and at a fast pace, and all the furniture is perfectly assembled.

Furniture assembly with Best Move is:

  • Security Guarantee
  • Additional supporting equipment that facilitates the service
  • An experienced team of professionals
  • Timeliness of performance
  • Storage option
  • Excellent assembling quality
  • Individual free quote

Furniture assembly with Best Move – scope of work

  • Preparation of the schedule
  • Protection of communication routes
  • Bringing furniture
  • Installation in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions
  • Arrangement of furniture as indicated or shared arrangement plans
  • Taking packing materials
  • Utilization of old furniture